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Typical Content Conversion Workflow Using Limb Server:

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Limb™ Server Benefits at a Glance:


LIMB™ Server was designed to make digitiSation easier, and more efficient. i2s DigiBook and Kirtas Technologies have joined their accumulated experience of more than 30 years of digitisation projects and digitisation factory to provide the state of the art content conversion solution for mass digitisation projects.

LIMB™ Server offers several unique benefits for content owners or service bureaus such as:



LIMB™ Server was developed with productivity and efficiency in mind in order to reduce digitisation costs. Customisable production templates, automated batch processing, multi core high speed processing and ergonomic user interface makes LIMB™ the ideal solution for content conversion. LIMB™ SERVER multi user organization enable to assign dedicated task and roles to each operator increasing individual productivity and minimizing risk of errors.

Supervisors can track production progress in real time from the dashboard.


Advanced Workflow:

With it’s multi user environment and the ability to build custom project template LIMB™ Server can operate multiple workflow based on each project requirements.



LIMB™ Server has been designed to maximize the operator’s productivity and experience. The user interfaces are intuitive and easy to understand creating a richer user experience and better productivity. Limb being a unique platform for all conversion steps it is much easier for the operators to perform their tasks.


Content Value:

LIMB™ Server takes raw images out of the scanners and convert them to richer digital documents in multiple formats. During the conversion process metadata are automatically created and linked to the document for richer and fully indexed documents. LIMB™ supports many industry standards for the metadata management including METS/ALTO for structural and layout metadata description.

All in one






A unique tool to process, enrich, structure and convert your collection into digital assets

LIMB™ is compatible with all metadata standards, including METS, ALTO, DC, MODS

Multi User: Multiple image processing in parallel. Automatic processing.

The ergonomic of the software is made to be easy to use for all users

LIMB™ increases the value of the content while decreasing the cost of digitisation

LIMB™ enhance the metadata, the content and the user experience

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