Limb Processing

LIMB™ Processing is the first application software that provides all the tools for today’s digitisation projects,

including project inventory, image processing, quality control and multiple format exporting for long-term archiving, digital libraries, or print on demand (POD).


LIMB Processing was developed with a dedication to the digitization of all cultural documents (books, archives, ledgers, newspapers, maps, photographs and artwork etc.). Existing image sets of TIFF or JPEG files can be processed right alongside newly digitised materials adding value to your content with new structural metadata.


LIMB Processing is the perfect solution for small to medium sized digitization projects using one or more scanners. LIMB Processing is a single computer and single user application (a multiple users application is also available with LIMB Server solution). LIMB Processing is available with 50.000 or 200.000 pages per month for the OCR conversion.

All In One






A unique tool to process, enrich, structure and convert your collection into digital assets

Compatible with all metadata standards, METS, ALTO, DC, MODS

Multiple images processed in parallel: 64 Bit automatic processing

Software ergonamics made easy for non technical users

Increased content value and decreased cost of digitisation

Enhancement of metadata, content and user experience

Limb Processing Benefits at a Glance:


LIMB Processing was designed to make digitisation easier, and more efficient. i2s DigiBook has accumulated experience of more than 30 years of digitization projects and digitisation factory. LIMB Processing offers several unique benefits for content owners or service bureaus such as:




> Customisable production templates, metadata access at each step of the process

> Automatic image and document processing

> Quality control tagging

> Dashboard for facilitating the project monitoring





User interface has been developed to provide ease-of-use to both the production manager, and the operator providing the most efficient production digitization software on the market today.


Content Value:


Raw images are completed with metadata, tags and quality control. Then these enhanced images can be converted into multiple formats, useful for multiple purposes like long term archiving, on-line library (such as LIMB Gallery), mobile devices, print-on-demand. All these conversions can be done simultaneously.

Image Processing:


Limb processing tools for book digitization


LIMB Processing includes both automatic and manual image processing for common tasks like : Deskew, crop, resize, binary conversion, contrast, brightness, padding …



More than 30 tools available to enhance and process your images.



Additionally LIMB™ Desktop provides unique image processing like :


Limb detect illustrations image enhancement to increase OCR accuracy


> Background removal,

> Page curvature correction,

> Lighting correction,

> Text centering,

> Detection of illustrations.


LIMB Processing  can process entire collections efficiently and quickly providing higher productivity and return on investment (ROI).


Quality Assurance:


LIMB Processing automated image quality control analyses each image for :


> Blur images,

> Over exposures,

> Duplication,

> Partial images.


As part of a quality assurance plan LIMB Processing provides all the tools to randomly review a set of images according to your quality procedure. Image defect tagging and reporting with a simple user interface, and rescan management utility which increases operator efficiency within the workflow.


Document Structuring:


LIMB auto table of content and layout analysis


LIMB Processing provides an easy to use interface for structural tagging (page numbers, covers, body, chapters, table of contents or illustrations, etc.), utilizing customizable templates, or by automatically reading the table of contents. The newly created metadata not only enriches the content, but makes the book more usable and can be exported in the METS files or pdf documents.


Page Validation Tool (PVT)Limb Page Validation Tool for detecting missing pages


Based on a proprietary technology LIMB Processing includes a page validation tool (PVT) to easily tag page number for a document and quickly identify duplicates or missing pages with in a document.




The integrated I.R.I.S. professional OCR engine provides OCR capabilities in 137 languages. recognized text can be exported in ALTO, TEXT or embedded into a searchable PDF.


Optional modules are available for ABBYY version 9, or 10 Fine Reader engine, or the SAKHR engine for Arabic languages.



Content Conversion:


LIMB Processing provides simultaneous multiple output, formats include :


Limb Content Conversion to multiple formats METS, ALTO, PDF, JPG2000


> TIFF, Multi page TIFF

> JPG,

> JPEG 2000,

> PDF, Searchable PDF, PDF-A




> and more


Output any combination of formats via the batch process with automatic export to a local directory or digital repository via FTP.

Metadata Creation & Management:


You can directly import descriptive metadata from your catalog or other OAI data files using Z39.50 protocol or use any of the following metadata file formats: MARC, MARC21, Dublin Core, csv, MODS. Once completed, LIMB Processing can export several structural metadata formats including METS, ALTO, Dublin Core, MODS. LIMB Processing provides customizable METS schemas for the ultimate flexibility.

Workflow Management:


Each workflow step can be set by the operator on a project basis. All settings can be saved as workflow template for re-use.


A dashboard provides a complete and accurate picture of all ongoing projects and their status. Each project is being accessed directly by the operator for operating or control.



LIMB Processing provides the conduit to publish your content, metadata and media files directly to your LIMB Gallery digital repository assigning categories and collections to the content. Custom connectors to other digital library platforms and repositories can be developed as a special service.


Minimum Requirements:






Windows 7 or 8, 64 Bit

Minimum 6 GB RAM Memory (8 GB Recommended)

Intel i5 Processor

Monitor with FULL HD 1920x1020 resolution

Opening Hours


Mon to Thurs - 8:15am - 4:30pm

Fri - 8:15am - 3:15pm

Sat & Sun - Closed

Bank Holidays - Closed

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