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Large Format Digitisation

We have a vast range of hardware that enables us to capture larger format items such as maps, scrolls, paintings and books up to 2A0 format.


All of our large format scanners take into account the use of very fragile documents. This is why the scanning plates access, the glass pressure, the book cradles and light technology are optimised to respect and minimise the contact with the items to be digitised.


Our A1 HD Scanner is the very best technology available offering unrivalled image quality and speed. We are able to digitise at 600 x 600 DPI at full A1, 800 x 800 DPI at A2 and 1000 x 1000 DPI on A3 items.


There is no image distortion and we utilise LED lighting technology with no UV and IR emission.


Relief Enhancement Systems:


Our technology has the ability to digitise using only one lateral light (right or left). This exclusive feature allows you to enhance the relief of documents or objects and give a better value to your images.


Glare Control Systems:


An innovative feature that prevent glares even on highly reflective documents (glossy paper, plastic blister, oil paintings, mylar, etc.) This is an exclusive hardware solution (lighting system and optical head) and not a software processing.

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