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In a world where digitisation is the primary vehicle of communication

and knowledge sharing, the content of more than 600 years backlog is being held

captive between the covers of billions of books...

We can help you release, use and share all this content.

In 2005 Hollingworth & Moss Ltd established our in-house Digitisation Bureau to help revolutionise the digital recreation of documents including journals and books (bound and un-bound) and large documents including maps and scrolls.


These cost effective digitisation solutions are part of a concept we have called “bring books to life”.  With years of content held captive between the covers of books, Hollingworth & Moss is the key to release this knowledge base utilising our in house innovative solutions.


Our technology is so advanced it eliminates the need for de-binding and destroying the very documents one is trying to preserve.

We can scan your documents returning them to you in a variety of formats including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, WORD and virtually any other format.  Documents are returned in whichever medium you require including CD, DVD, Microfilm, FTP or portable USB hard drive and even online hosting solutions.

As a matter of  course, all books and documents are stored in a secure climate controlled environment to ensure your consignment is protected throughout the scanning process.

As a UK reseller for i2s Technologies we have an affordable solution for all your digitisation projects and the ability to maintain the integrity and safety of the documents whilst they are in the scanning process. We use all i2s / Kirtas Hardware and Software in our digitisation processes.

You can purchase or rent hardware / software direct from Hollingworth & Moss

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Here at Hollingworth & Moss we are extremely proud of the quality we can produce when creating digital files of any medium and because of this we would love for you to see just what we can do with your books, maps, scrolls, glass plates, microfiche, single documents and anything else you can think of in the form of a free sample in multiple outputs. Sound good?


We can essentially provide you anything require, singular or multiple outputs in different forms of quality. As a base level sample we will provide the below if we feel the product supplied is capapble of digitally doing so. We can of course make any changes and supply you just what you need, if this is  required please contact us to discuss your requirements further. All files will be delivered via

FTP download and all relative login information will be sent by email.

Colour, Greyscale and BiTonal Outputs

JPG High Resolution - 300 / 400 DPI

TIF Uncompressed - 300 / 400 DPI

PDF/a -  300 / 400 DPI with OCR

PDF Standard -  300 / 400 DPI with OCR

PDF Super Compressed -  300 / 400 DPI with OCR



On arrival in our Bureau, your items will first have a visual inspection followed by a detailed discussion between the team on the specification required and the best  way to acheive this. Also, which digitisation hardware and technique should be used to acomplish the final output. If any problems are found at this point, we will contact you to discuss the issues and how we can overcome them.


Digitisation will or can take place on a variety of digital hardware. We can utilise a full range of i2s & Kirtas scanners to gain the very best RAW digital file possible. We can even cross digitise on these platforms with no loss of quality or difficulty.

Be assured that your items are in the very best of care during the digitisation process.


Using our very latest LIMB™ Software we can easily supply many diffferent file types and outputs. LIMB™ is a revolutionary software package that enables us to template, process, quality control, structure, meta tag and convert your documents to your exact specification and requirements in a seamless and perfect manner.

We are the only company within the United Kingdom to be able to supply images that meet Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines, specifications and technical criteria.


Metamorfoze is the National Programme for the Preservation of Heritage on Paper, a partnership between the National Library and the National Archives. The program is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


Metamorfoze:    Specifications for digitising works of art

Metamorfoze:    Light: specifications for digitising documents such as books, maps, newspapers, periodicals, manuscripts

Metamorfoze:    Extra Light: specifications for digitising  BiTonal books only

Metamorfoze guidelines provide analysis of different quality criteria such as FTM, noise and colour.

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