i2s Digibook V Shape

DIGIBOOK range offers solutions for any bound documents sizing up to 2xA3+


DIGIBOOK  range now has 2 models, called DIGIBOOK v-shape and DIGIBOOK Robot. These models have all the unique features of i2s high resolution cameras and are re-inforced within more ergonomics for making digitisation more comfortable and productive.

DigiBook v-shape is a semi-automatic scanner equipped with high resolution i2S cameras.


DigiBook v-shape scanner offers all you need to scan the most sophisticated bound  documents, even the most fragile.


DigiBook v-shape benefits at glance:


Image Quality:


Two high performance i2s cameras offer the highest image resolution: up to 600 dpi optical on 2xA3+ format.


Thanks to the 120° opening, images have no glare, even with highly glossy documents.


Also, DigiBook v-shape scanner provides no reflections between opposite pages (black stays black and white stays white).


Equipped with two symmetrical LED lightings, images have no shadows in the book’s binding.


No information is lost thanks to the v-shape glass that goes deep down in the book gutter with only 2 mm (0,08 in.) thickness.

Respecting Books:


The v-shape bookholder and glass have been designed for the sake of gentleness on any bound document : adjustable glass pressure on books and polished glass with no cutting edge.


Saving Time:

DigiBook v-shape scanner is equipped with automatic devices:


A motorized up and down v-shape glass to assist the operator’s work.

A motorized and auto-centered book holder (right/left movement)




DigiBook v-shape scanner is equipped with 2 LED lightings. They are symmetrical fixed (front and back)  and so provide no shadows in the books’ binding. Hence, the operator never has the LED lights in the eyes.

Image Quality






Up to 600 dpi on 2xA3+

No reflections, No Shadows

900 Pages / hr at 600 dpi

1 Scan = 2 Pages

Entire information scanned.

Adjustable glass pressure on books.

Polished V Glass

Glass up if any obstacle in way. No lights in the operators eyes

Full space for operating, Footswitch Control, Front Screen

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