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Book Rebinding, Repair and Restoration

Traditional Book Repair Craftsmanship

Hollingworth & Moss offer a comprehensive book restoration and repair service. All your books are rebound by our team of skilled craftsmen, using both traditional hand binding techniques and modern manufacturing systems.

Librarians - with the majority of books being so expensive to purchase it is more economical to rebind your existing damaged books - this may be the only alternative if the book is now out-of-print. Book rebinding is an economical way of extending a book's life.

We have many years experience in the rebinding of books in different styles. We take the text block which is still in a useable condition and rebind it to like new condition.
Different styles of binding can be selected:

  Books In Need Of Repair

Laminate Bindings - see our laminate bindings page.

Full Cloth / Case Bindings - Resewn or flexible glued whichever is the most appropriate, covered in waterproof book buckram from a selection of Thirty-six colours, lettered with the title and author, and can also include class numbers and/or University crests if requested.

Presentation Bindings - Fine bindings bound in buckram, full leather, half-leather or quarter-leather. Your choice of style may include special handmade endpapers, gilt-edges, headcaps, book ribbon/s, blind/gold tooling, raised bands and panelled spine. We have the craftsmen to produce fine bindings to your specifications - see specialist binding.

Your books are thoroughly inspected on arrival by our specialist binders to identify the specific areas in need of repair for each book. We will endeavor to restore as much as possible of the original binding. This means your books are both handled with care and produced to the highest standard.

As with our periodical binding service we offer a two week turn around on book rebinding.

Within the manufacturing process your books go through several stages:

  1. Books are unpacked and checked then all title information is typeset to the customer's specification.
  2. All books are re-sewn and glued using flexible adhesive.
  3. Calico reinforced endpapers are added to increase durability.
  4. Foil lettering is embossed in a choice of three foil colours using precision automated technology.
  5. Cases are finished in waterproof buckram from a selection of thirty-eight colours.

Hollingworth & Moss can offer book rebinding, periodical binding and other associated services all managed by our customers through our maestro website.

Giving you the client greater control and more involvement with our manufacturing process, making our service the most unique and efficient in the market.